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"This project encapsulates my journey coming to London as a child in 1970 and living here since then. It is a testament to the incredible richness and complexity of the immigrant experience, a theme that has defined by existence as an artist and an individual, and an exploration of the themes of migration, identity, and resilience, told through the art I created here. Hanging my original paintings in public spaces across London areas I lived in is intentional, reflecting the fragile and often precarious existence of those navigating the challenges of emigration in sometimes hostile environments. These public spaces become more than mere canvasses; they become the vulnerability and strength inherent in the immigration experience. By sharing these works openly, I hope to spark a dialogue on the universal human pursuit of home and belonging. I invite audiences to contemplate the stories hidden within the streets, the shared struggles, and the enduring hope that thrives against all odd.”

Nasser Azam

October 2023



Multidimensional Identity

This project seeks to portray Azam’s identity as an amalgamation of various cultural influences. By displaying his original paintings in the neighbourhoods he has lived in London, and to his experiences in the broader UK and the Pacific Rim Region, the project emphasises the complexity and richness of his cultural journey.

Cultural Exploration

The project seeks to delve into the Azam’s own cultural evolution and the transformation of the neighbourhoods he has called home. By showcasing his artwork in these locations, the project aims to depict how each environment influenced his creative journey.

Global Cultural Interplay

By interweaving the impact of living and working in different parts of the UK, the project will capture the cross-cultural interactions that have influenced Azam’s art. It aims to exemplify the global interconnectedness of artistic expression.

Community Engagement

The art installation intends to foster connections with the local communities by providing them with a unique opportunity to engage with art directly in their neighbourhoods. The project will encourage dialogue and interaction, bridging the gap between the artist and the viewers.

Narrative Through Art:

Through a series of paintings, the project will weave a visual narrative of Azam's experiences, memories, and emotions associated with each specific location. The artwork will act as a medium to convey stories and evoke emotions that resonate with both the artist and the audience.

Spatial Context

Placing the artwork within the actual neighbourhoods where Azam lived creates an intriguing interaction between the paintings and the surrounding environment. This approach adds depth to the project by embedding the art within the very fabric of the artist’s history.


"Diaspora Project: London (1970 - 2023)" is not only an artistic endeavour for me but also a celebration of the rich cultural diversity, personal growth, and the community engagement I have experienced in each of these locations I have lived in since coming to Cricklewood as a child in 1970. Added to this, my time living and working in other parts of the UK and 11 years living in Japan has given me a unique perspective of how London, and in particular these locations have influenced me both in my art and who I am. By placing my original paintings within the very locations that have shaped my life, I aim to create an immersive and thought-provoking experience that resonates with individuals from all walks of life. Through this project, I hope I can bridge the gap between art and daily life, inspiring conversations, reflections, and connections that transcend time and space. In addition, I ask viewers to contemplate the myriad ways in which cultures intertwine and shape our identities. I hope that through this project, I can inspire a sense of shared humanity and understanding in an increasingly interconnected world."

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The "Diaspora Project: London (1970 - 2023)" project by the British-Asian contemporary artist Nasser Azam celebrates and explores his life and experiences across London's diverse neighbourhoods over a period of four decades. Through this project, Nasser Azam will exhibit his original paintings at various locations within London where he has resided intermittently, between 1970 and 2023, including West Hampstead, Cricklewood, St. Pauls, East Ham, and Islington. This immersive art installation will not only serve as a personal reflection on Azam's journey since migrating from Pakistan in 1970, but also engage the communities within each location, inviting them to connect with the artist's evolution over the years.

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